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Ben Folds + Nick Hornby + Pomplamoose

Me: Dude. Ben Folds + Nick Hornby + Pomplamoose.
Snook: Hah. Hipster asplosion.
Me: Totally.

I love it!

Joss Whedon in Sydney

Joss Whedon in Sydney
Yesterday I joined the Snook and Kunaal at the Sydney Opera House to see Joss Whedon. It was pretty fun! Joss was hilarious, and Wil Andersen didn’t do too bad a job interviewing either. (There are a lot of quotes from the event here.) Then they opened it up for questions at the end, and I just CRINGED knowing what was going to happen. The Nerd Parade began! Instead of asking anything, you know, insightful, fully half of the people chosen used the opportunity to A) show off their fanboi credentials; B) beg Joss for a job/hug/lock of hair; C) explain their weirdo name, like we cared; D) ramble on and on in such a way that nobody knew what the actual question was. I mean, I know they’re my people and all, but why is it always the Aspies who go for the microphones?

We’re trying to have a society here!

I will totally cop to being a Politeness Enforcer. Granted, if a bus was empty I wouldn’t bother, but if it’s getting full and you have your bag on a seat? Be prepared to move it!

Historical knitting nerdery

Historical knitting nerdery
Digital Resources from the Knitting Reference Library WSA . The University of Southampton have digitized much of Richard Rutt’s collection of 19th century knitting books. They’re brilliant. (Link courtesy of peacay‘s Google Reader feed.)

Things Organized Neatly

Things Organized Neatly. Like crack to my organization-obsessed soul…

Every single time I went to type the word I spelled it ‘organisation’ with an S. Australia, I think you win this one!

Running the Golden Years

I just discovered that Dan Clark – who sent me the wonderful 13.1 medal mentioned in GGR Episode 9 – has started his own blog and podcast: Running the Golden Years. Thank you again Dan! I’ll be reading and listening. 🙂

RunningBlog: Week 34

Week 34
Things are slowly improving. I still feel sore and tired, but my pace is getting better. I went for a long run Sunday night and did 5:1 run/walk the whole way. My right foot was bothering more than usual. (I’ve ordered some new shoes to see if that helps.) My training plan has me doing 5 miles on my morning runs, but I backed off that a little. I just need to get my legs used to running on concrete again, I guess.

Aug. 22: 11.22km
Aug. 25: 7.03km
Aug. 27: 5.50km
Total this week: 23.75km (14.8mi)
Total in 2010: 628.82km (393mi)

I’ve clawed back a little ground in my goal to run 1000km in 2010. I’m still about 25km behind pace though…


AwesomenessReminders. An actual subscription service where someone will call you on the telephone every day to tell you how awesome you are. I love it! I think it’s brilliant. It seems like the kind of thing you could arrange with a friend though, right? Like every day I could email you a message about how awesome you are, and you could send one back to me. Wouldn’t that be neat?

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Shared today on Google Reader:

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Coxisms – the Quotes of Dr. Perry Cox. Nice! Although I think I’d prefer one of Dr. Kelso.