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Halloween 2010

Pickled BrainHalloween 2010
Even though we cancelled our annual party this year, I still felt the need to exercise my Halloween crafty impulses. Luckily there are a couple other people at work who like the holiday, so we combined forces to throw a party on Friday. (It was also our end-of-the-month drinks, so that worked out nicely.)

Throughout the week, I brought in Halloween decorations to liven up my corner of the office. I also made a pilgrimage to Sugar Fix to get candy corn and mini Reese’s Cups, which I put out in bowls on my desk. (Want to be popular? Free Reese’s Cups are the answer.) Thursday night I made a batch of my traditional Witches’ Finger Cookies. I went with a shortbread recipe this year, which helped retain the details a little better. They were a huge hit! I also broke out my brain mould and whipped up Igor’s Pickled Brain. I’ve done panna cotta before, but this one is basically a giant White Russian set with gelatin. I kept in the fridge all day at work and unmolded it at the end of the day. For sauce, I just poured on some stewed berries from a can, which looked suitably gross. People went NUTS! At one point there were like six people around it taking photos. Very gratifying! It was tasty too, with a strong coffee flavour. Quite a kick, too. My co-worker Gemma brought a lot of other snacks, including some excellent sugar cookies, chocolate crackles, and decorated cupcakes. Most of the office was on a sugar high all day long.

Halloween Spread     Alice in Wonderland

My costume was very last minute. I’d been toying with a few different ideas. In the end, I pulled out my Lucy dress from Halloween 2008. This was sewn from a pattern that was actually intended as an Alice in Wonderland dress. So, why not be Alice? Unfortunately there was a problem as soon as I pulled it on – this thing was WAY too short for wearing at work. So I worked late into the night Thursday cutting up an old bedsheet to make myself a petticoat. I also made a small pinafore/apron to wear over the top. The Snook lent me his little white rabbit and made a tiny pocketwatch for him to wear. With a pair of white knee socks and an Alice band, I was ready. I changed just before lunchtime on Friday, and the reaction was great! In fact, at the end of the day, my boss announced they were giving a bottle of wine to the best costume… and I won! That was pretty awesome, especially considering just about all of it was homemade.

Asparagus Cake

Asparagus Cake. That’s AMAZING. Sister, get on that.


Just to reiterate for those who missed the message a few weeks ago: we will NOT be hosting our annual Halloween party this year. We decided to take a year off. (And it was such a good idea. No stress!) So no, it’s not that you didn’t get an invitation. There’s no party happening. 🙂

Death by Knitting Needle

Death by knitting needle. Pretty awesome AskMeFi question about horror movies featuring knitting-related murders.

Magic at Uluru

Magic at Uluru. It rained at Uluru earlier this month and a photographer was there to capture it. Amazing. Our tour guide told us how it looked in the rain when we visited last year, but said it’s a pretty rare occurrence. Neat.

Take Back Halloween!

Take Back Halloween! I absolutely love this site. I tweeted this morning that I was fed up with having to add “-sexy” to my Google searches for Halloween ideas. Hmm, maybe Boudicca?

Channel Runner Reviews

Whoa, neat! My podcast was featured as the 2nd review on a new website: Channel Runner Review. Saint Steve himself recorded my review! That’s pretty cool. – I support a conscience vote on marriage equality. Do you?

Here’s the personal text I put in my email to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition:

My husband and I are married. We are not religious and we don’t belong to any church. We don’t plan on having any children. Why were we allowed to get married when other couples, who happen to be gay, are not? It’s just not fair. We believe all committed and loving couples should be able to have their marriages recognised in the same way by the state.

The Big Blog Theory

The Big Blog Theory – a blog written by the science consultant from The Big Bang Theory, explaining scientific concepts from each episode. Nerd heaven!

RunningBlog: Week 42

Week 42
The deadline crunch at work this week meant that I missed both my Monday yoga class and my Wednesday Spudds workout. I did get in all my runs though, and I think it really helped with my stress levels.

Oct. 17: 10.02km
Oct. 19: 6.00km
Oct. 21: 6.09km
Total this week: 22.04km (13.8mi)
Total in 2010: 798.02km (498.7mi)

To meet my goal of running 1000km in 2010, I should be at 807.6km. Less than 10km behind pace now! I’m making it up…