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He loves llamas. #googlefieldday

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We had fish tacos to celebrate our goldfish’s birthday. They were really tasty. #darkhumour RG @canvavibe

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Selfie with @tonyhollingsworth, @servantofchaos, and @chloebeevers! #startupaus

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New couch cover has arrived from @comfortworks! Loving the grey herringbone. There’s our project for the long weekend…

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What, what?

Told the Snook I’m going to Classy Coding this weekend and he responded with some absolutely brilliant Wodehouse-inspired pseudocode:

if (chum.isSpiffing()) {
 chum.greet("What, what?");


City Of Sydney Pledges No Resident Will Be More Than 800m Away From An Outdoor Exercise Station – Very cool. And Chippendale is specifically mentioned! I wonder if they’ll put it in the Peace Park or over on the green by Central Park.

Time for another Disney Knitting Fail! Huey appears to have suffered some horrible facial disfiguration.

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Me: “Does my new haircut make me look like Peppermint Patty?” Him: “I didn’t want to mention it, Sir.”

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Walking the wild forest trail in northern Tasmania

Forest Walks Lodge, Tasmania: Walking the wild forest trail in northern Tasmania – Lovely review of the lodge we stayed in last November.