Some very pretty pastel landscape drawings from one of the art classes…

Paper clay castle

I don’t actually know what “paper clay” is, but that’s what this castle is made out of. I like it.

Stone heads

The stone carving class were actually working with Hebel blocks, which is a form of aerated concrete that only weighs, like, one-fifth of regular concrete. You can work it with hand tools. Aren’t the Easter Island heads cool?

More heads

This is me trying to get arty with the photography.

Goddess of Love

Whoever made this one labelled it “Goddess of Love.”


Mosaics are pretty.

Bat colony

After camp ended, we spent a few more days being lazy around the house. On our next to last day we decided to take a trip to Dorrigo, which is this amazing town way up on a plateau in the mountains. On the way Pa Snook stopped off in Bowraville, which has a huge colony of fruit bats living in the trees along the river. I took more pictures but you couldn’t see much in them. There were thousands. They chattered and flapped. I just kept going “Oh my God!” every time I turned and there’d be another tree full of them. It was just staggering.

Water dragon

The ascent to Dorrigo was pretty weird. It’s like, one minute you’re obviously climbing a big mountain, and then suddenly you pop out in the town and the mountain’s gone and it’s just like being back at ground level, except you know you’re not. We first went to Dangar Falls, which is right outside the village. This little water dragon was sunning himself right next to our parking space. (Note: As my aversion to animals is well documented, suffice it to say that the Snook took this and all following photographs involving scary-looking animals.)

Dangar Falls

And here’s Dangar Falls! We’d had a couple rainy days previously so the water was really rushing.