Me and the Snook

Here’s me and the Snook, bridging the Gryffindor-Slytherin love divide. Hedwig was a gift from my Dad’s wife Cindy last year and she definitely *made* my outfit.

Looking down the platform

Looking down the platform, waiting to pull out…


For some reason I just couldn’t get a shot of Dumbledore from the front. Here he is from behind. Very bushy!


There were seventy performers on board the train who travelled from carriage to carriage keeping us entertained on the three hour journey. Here’s a bassoonist.

Harry and Harry

The adults mostly sat in their seats, while a lot of kids seemed to be walking up and down the train looking at everyone. I liked these two Harrys a lot. The one on the left had cool Quidditch goggles.

Snookums the Parselmouth

Snookums shows off the Parselmouth skillz he picked up from Salazar Slytherin with a real live snake (that scared the bejesus out of me).


This violinist earned some big applause by playing the Hedwig theme tune from the movie.

Beautiful day

The sun came up and it was a beautiful day. Note the smoke at the top of our window… That’s not clouds; it’s nastiness from the steam engine. Steam trains are romantic but they sure are stinky!


Snookums laughs as a juggler performs right next to him.

Trolley witch

Hooray, the trolley witch! At last a chance to spend some of the wizard coinage we spent so much time/money making…