Spike and Elvis

It’s the Snook as Spike and our friend Major as Elvis. Apparently he went to the costume shop and “requested the fattest Elvis they had”. It was impressive.

More guests

More guests – Helen as Luna Lovegood, Clinton as a pirate, and Amy as Princess Leia.

Me and Steve

Our friend Steve came as a bogan, which is Australian for redneck. He even cut his hair in a mullet and grew out a nasty mustache. I don’t recall why I’m looking annoyed.

Luna drinks a spider

Eek! Luna’s about to drink a spider! (I should point out here that I didn’t take most of these photos, so I’m not sure my captions are going to be very illuminating.)

Luna with her wig

Helen is putting on her blonde wig, which completes the costume.

Kiri and Kyrenia

Kiri and Kyrenia, two of my EPSON hootchies. Aren’t they looking sexy?

Steve with a finger up his nose

I made witches’ finger cookies, which – in addition to being very tasty and gross-looking – became a prop in many a photograph.

Clinton with a finger

Clinton gets in on the action.

The spread

Here you can see a bit of our awesome food table, complete with pumpkin cupcakes, meringue bones, witches fingers, and fairy bread. (That’s a disgusting Australian party treat involving buttered white bread covered in candy sprinkles.)

Helen is gross

Now it’s Helen’s turn.

Gay grabby pirate

My friend Kevin came as a gay pirate. Here he is examining my new push-up bra while I stake him through the heart.