Me and the EPSON girls

Me and the EPSON girls.

Steve the bogan

Steve the Bogan.

Kitchen congregation

Kitchen congregation – that’s Princess Leia, her husband Rob (as Han Solo), Elvis, Toast the Proctologist, and the Snook.

Avada Kedavra!

Avada Kedavra!

Kevin and Steve

Steve gives the unwitting gay pirate bunny ears.

Snook, Huw, and Selga

The Snook entertains Huw and Selga, who were forgiven their sin of not dressing up by virtue of how much they liked my treats.

Elvis and the gay pirate

Elvis and the gay pirate.

Spike and Buffy

Me and the Snook. Damn we looked good. I mean, seriously. We are hot! Too bad we only look like this one night out of the year.


The best picture of us… EVER.

The Bogan

Steve finished the night in good spirits, despite his dodgy ‘tache.