More food

Yet more food! More classy cocktail sticks, this time in a wooden cactus. (We like the retro.) The skull next to it is full of homemade ranch dressing.

More food

The ranch is for the crudité, of course! I also made loads of Devilled Eggs. After boiling, I crack the shell with a spoon and soak them in coloured water to create ooky alien spots on the eggs. (With Rob out of the country, we actually had leftovers!)

Zombie Meat Barbie, cut open

Zombie Meat Barbie, flayed open to the world…

Kenny and Dolly again

Another shot of us as Kenny and Dolly. I have no idea what that expression on my face is all about.

Tia and Donna

It was a very warm night, especially with that many people in the house. Here’s Donna the Killer Nurse with Tia the World of Warcraft Quest Giver. (Many nerds cringed in recognition when she walked in!)

Jareth and the Stepford Wife

Jareth is menacing Issy the Stepford Wife.


Kenny Rogers chats with Matt Preston (aka Mark) while Dave sticks his head in. That’s Ezzles as Strawberry Shortcake in the back.

Me and Brandon

A particularly disturbing shot of me with my co-worker (and Korean spiritual brother) Brandon.

Guitar Hero

We busted out Guitar Hero towards the end of the evening. Here Kenny sings “Ring of Fire” while Jareth plays the drums and Buddy Holly (aka Daniel) plays the guitar.

That’s it! See you next year!