As part of the May Day Project, I took a series of photographs on May 10 depicting my day. I haven’t captioned the pictures below, so here’s a mini-recap: I got up early and met my friend Kevin to head to our Sewing Class at Sydney Community College. (Unfortunately the class was so engrossing I forgot to take a single picture inside.) Then I headed back to Kevin’s salon, where a nice therapist named Ellie gave me the massage of my life. Then it was home to do some laundry and check on the sick Snook. In the afternoon I headed to a local cafe to meet up with the Newtown Knitting Group. I finished off the day with knitting several mini Harry Potter bookmark scarves and watching TV with the Snook. That’s it!

Wakey wakey!


Cross the ANZAC Bridge

Sydney Community College

Massage time!

Bringing in the laundry

Newtown Knitting Group


A handful of mini-scarves

Watching telly