Since our mothers have been clamoring to see where we live for some time now, I figured I might as well break out the digital camera and document the “lay of the land” here at Rannoch Road. A few warnings: this is the house of four 20-something computer people. It’s actually much, much messier than it looks in these photos. (Especially my room, which my mom would instantly guess anyway.) I took the pictures on different days and in different lighting conditions, so they’re going to be a bit inconsistent. And for any would-be thieves – it’s going to become painfully obvious that we have nothing of worth, so I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

Through the front door

Welcome to our house! Step right in. There’s a coat rack to your left behind the front door. We generally just kick our shoes off right there too. The shelf at the bottom of the stairs is usually overflowing with mail, most of which was for the previous tenants. (We think they skipped town.)

The main hallway

Now that we’ve got the door shut, you can see you’re in the main hallway. The stairs lead upstairs to the bedrooms (we’ll head up there eventually). At the very far end of the hallway is the kitchen. First, though, we’re going to turn right through the door into the living room.

Front lounge

We actually have a “double lounge”, so what you’re seeing here is to your right once you go through the door. Those windows look out the front of the house. The fireplace is fake; the bottom is filled with pinecones and potpourri (not our idea). This is where the four of us can often be found, lolling about on the couches and watching telly.

The back lounge

Facing the other direction, you can see the back half of the lounge. We’ve got two more armchairs we can pull up around the television, and in the back corner resides Alex’s stereo. There are a couple nice glass cabinets on the wall that we use to house our videos and our liquor. And yes, that’s an iron on the mantelpiece. (Snookums likes to iron his shirts in the morning while watching “The Big Breakfast.”)

Snookums at the stereo...

Speak of the devil. Here’s Snookums picking out a CD to play while eating his Weetabix.

Into the kitchen...

At the end of the lounge is a glass door that leads into the kitchen. Step right through to get a better view and to check out our sweet back garden. If you look up, you can see that the ceiling is glassed in, which means we get lots of sunlight here in the summer. It’s a nice place to sit…