Kitchen table

The big kitchen table was the clincher for our decision to rent the house. We made sure that it came with the furnishings. It’s generally cluttered with newspapers and wine bottles and boxes and mail. We love it. In the corner is the clothes dryer I bought from the dodgy man up the street. It’s got Barbie-Dress-Up magnets on it that Snookums’s mom sent us. On top is a peace lily plant that Alex and Nick “liberated” from the flower seller down the street. (They claim she gave it to them, but as they were on their way home from a session at the pub, it’s anyone’s guess.) *grin*

The back garden

Here’s our nice little back garden. We have no idea what any of the plants are. We don’t mess with ’em.

The shed

Under all the ivy in the corner is a little shed. We’ve never even been in it. Snookums looked in the window when we moved in and reported that it was infested with big spiders. He’s got big plans, though, to get rid of the beasties and turn it into a sauna. Uh-huh.


Stepping back into the kitchen, you can see where we prepare all our nutritious meals. (Or in reality, where we empty the curry tins onto plates.) There’s a dishwasher there on the right, and a microwave I bought in the back corner. To the left of the stove is Snookums’s pride and joy, his espresso machine.

Back down the hallway...

With your back to the sink, here’s the view back down the hallway towards the front door. The fridge is built into the cabinet just past the oven door. The next little area is the laundry room.

The washer...

See ma? We wear clean clothes. We’re not total heathens on our own. *grin*