Before I left the U.S. for “this scepterd isle”, I met up with my girls for one last weekend of fun at the wedding of our 1997 PW Resident Assistant, Elly Terrell. Elly was marrying a fellow Domer named Paul Brenner, who most of us affectionately referred to as “Tree”. (He was frickin’ tall.) Here are some of the highlights…


Lizzie the vamp

Kelly and I drove to Dayton, Ohio to meet at Liz McKillop’s house before the wedding. Here’s Pants (i.e. Liz), who decided to go in purple to show her Weasel pride.

All doodied up for the ceremony...

The vamp, the schoolteacher, and the businesswoman, in front of Lizzie’s cute little house at the Wright Pat Air Force Base.

A wider shot...

This was really supposed to be us holding our legs out in a cute little pose, but we got shoved way into the corner. Apparently Papa McKillop decided his house was cuter than we were (which was true).

Lizzie and her papa

Lizzie and her Papa… It’s funny, you can see “Col. McKillop” on the house right over his head!