Two momentous events recently took place in 2001: my younger brother Anthony graduated from high school, and my sister Amy graduated from college. I couldn’t be there for Amy’s commencement ceremony, but I managed to schedule a trip home for me and Snookums in June that would pack in Antny’s ceremony, the joint graduation party, a trip to Cedar Point, and a couple days in Chicago. The initial journey home was a bit hectic (stupid Air Canada cancelled our flight as we were on the runway due to “mechanical problems”), but we made it eventually. Here are some of the highlights:

Snookums and Amy prepare to race

The joint graduation party was held at my Aunt Deb’s house out in the country in Indiana. She’s got this massive paved driveway that goes down a hill, so day long people were riding up and down it on these micro-scooters. My sister eventually challenged Snookums to a race, so here they are revving at the starting line.

Snookums is wary

On advice from my dad (in the background), Snookums decided he better figure out how to steer and stop this thing. The hill is steep.

Snookums takes off a bit late

Amy won this heat handily. There she is way down at the bottom, while Snookums is still only halfway down.

Amy is happy

Still basking in her victory, Amy’s attention turned to the pile of presents with her name on them. My cousin Megan looks on as Amy is pleased with her booty. (Hahaha… that looks funny. Not what I intended, but I dare say she is pleased with her other booty as well.)

Antny opens some gifts

Now it’s Antny’s turn. That’s our little cousin Courtney on the left, and my Grandma and Aunt Vera on the right. (Yes, we’re in a garage. That’s where everybody in Indiana holds their Graduation Open House, especially when it rains.)