The Storehouse as seen from above

No, I didn’t take this picture. It’s a view of the Storehouse from above. That little round glassed-in bit at the top is the “Gravity Bar”. When you buy your ticket to the museum you get this weird little clear plastic paperweight with a bubble of Guinness trapped inside. It’s also got a magnetic strip thingy on it that you swipe at one of the bars to redeem your free pint. We’d been instructed by Joe (the taxi driver) to go straight up to the Gravity Bar for the best views in Dublin. It didn’t disappoint.

Straight from the source

Snookums enjoys his first pint of Guinness straight from the source. There were so many people in the Bar that we couldn’t sit, but it was still a great place to be.

Is this a commercial or what?

Here I catch the Snook with a Guinness mustache. Doesn’t that look like it could be from a commercial? I seriously think this is my favorite shot from the trip. I should send it to the company to see if they want to use it in their advertising. 🙂

The Lord and Lady of Dublinia

We left the Guinness brewery, like, four hours later laden with purchases from the gift shop. Next we headed for “Dublinia” and Christ Church Cathedral. Dublinia is this walk-through exhibit with lots of mannequins and things to play with. It’s supposed to teach you about medieval Dublin, but we just thought it was fun. Here’s us posing out in the courtyard. (That’s actually two separate pictures that I joined through the magic of Photoshop.)

The Black Knight

“None shall pass!” Look out, it’s the Black Knight! See, I told you it was a fun place. I love the fact that you can just see one eye peeking out. Dublinia is connected to Christ Church Cathedral, so we went there next. It’s a church. A big old one. What can I say? We were getting tired. So we headed back to the hotel for a nap before dinner.

Celebrity Spotting!

Okay, I didn’t take this one either. But on the way back to the hotel I totally saw Pete Postlethwaite walking down Dame Street! I swear to God. He walked right past us and Snookums was talking about something but I just froze up completely until we passed and then I elbowed him and was like, “OhmygodthatwasPetePostlethwaite.” And he’s like, “What?” And I’m like, “It totally was. He just went into the building.” So we stood there for about five seconds, wondering what one is supposed to do when one spots a celebrity. Suddenly we realized we were being stupid though, so we turned and continued up the street.