On our way out to Sydney from London, the Snook and I decided to stop off for a few days in Los Angeles to rest and hopefully avoid some of the jet lag. I’ve got some friends living there, so we thought we’d spend some time sightseeing and catching up. Unfortunately I came down with a cold and we were both tired, so we had to scale back our plans a bit. But we still saw the famous bits!


Here’s Snookums at our temporary residence, the home of my friends Kelly McMahon and Brian Dylong. They were great hosts. Too bad the guests were pooped!

Norm's Diner

This is Norm’s Diner, where we met up with my friend Liz McKillop for breakfast. I think it’s in Santa Monica. It was just such a welcoming American sight for sore expatriate eyes. 🙂

Snookums contemplates the Pacific

After breakfast Kel and Liz took us down to see the Pacific. It was a bit chilly for beachcombing, so we settled for a quick look. Again, I think this is in Santa Monica (where Liz lives). Snookums is contemplating the fact that we’ll soon be seeing this body of water from the other side when we land in Australia.

Kel and Liz

Here’s Kel and Liz, also enjoying the view.

Footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Then it was off to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to look at the famous footprints. The Snook and I were amused to see these of C-3PO and R2-D2. We’re geeks.

Burt Reynolds's Footprints

Here are Burt Reynolds’s footprints. Why the hell did I take this? I think it was for my dad. He’s a fan.