Captain Rob dropped us off at the jetty at Dennes Point on the northern tip of Bruny. Then we piled into a van and headed south towards the neck. The plan for the day was to hike to Cape Queen Elizabeth. We parked the van, loaded up on water and sunscreen, and headed off!


The first part of the walk was on flat, well-maintained track. We stopped often to look at flowers and trees. Everything was in bloom!


Rodd thought this fungus was really neat.


He had a lot of fun taking closeups with his new camera.

Big Lagoon

The trail skirts the Big Lagoon, and we stopped to take some photos and admire the view. I noticed a little bump moving along the water’s edge. “Hey, what’s that?!”


It was an echidna! We all went over to get a closer look…


And he did the funniest thing! He immediately started digging into the dirt to hide from us. He didn’t manage to get very far in – most of him was still visible – but maybe he thought if he couldn’t see us, we couldn’t see him. Anyway, we let him be and carried on.


Black Cockatoos.


The trail skirts along the beach for a ways.


This is looking across Adventure Bay towards South Bruny.


Silver fern

These silver ferns were very pretty.


We climbed Mars Bluff and continued up to Cape Queen Elizabeth. Finally we made it!


The views were spectacular!


Here’s me with Adventure Bay behind me.


At this point, Rob and Ollie started unpacking lunch from their giant backpacks. We each had a beautiful, huge slice of quiche along with a rocket/walnut/feta/olive salad and an apple. The boys even brought out a camp stove so we could have coffee afterwards.


Here’s Mr. Snook enjoying his lunch. Despite the grey skies, it was actually perfect weather for hiking. Not too hot and not too cold.