WWKIP Day started in 2005 as a way to bring knitters together and encourage them to knit in public. As soon as I heard about it, I knew we needed to stage an event on the day here in Sydney. Together with Mary-Helen, I organised for everyone to get together at the Sidewalk Cafe near the Opera House. It was a resounding success! We probably had 25-30 people knitting in total, including even a few random passersby who were encouraged to pick up needles. We were amused to find ourselves a bit of a tourist attraction, with several Opera House visitors stopping to take our pictures and marvel at people actually knitting (GASP!) in public. Here are the photos…

Our sign

At the end of the day Friday, I had the fortunate last-minute inspiration to design a few signs. I printed them on A3 card on the shop laser printer and mounted them on cardboard, then taped them to my wheelie backpack. It was awesome; people would actually do double-takes when they read it.


Here’s Veronica showing off a lovely top-down jumper she was knitting for her husband Robert to Mary-Helen and Jussi.

Claire and Helen

Claire is sporting her just-finished fairisle tube top while Helen works on her very own Clapotis.

It's Mel!

It’s Mel! As she’s been out of action for a while – what with having a baby three weeks ago and all – she was very much the Special Guest Star of the day.

Miss Fee

Miss Fee proudly shows off her official WWKIP T-shirt designed by Franklin.

Jane and Helen

Jane and Helen both made it to the Knitters’ Guild meeting earlier in the day, and they’re still going strong here!

Sandra and Kerry

Sandra and Kerry (both regular SSKers) show off their knitting. Kerry was flying the flag for all male knitters today!


Mary-Helen shows off her gorgeous cardi, made up of squares she most assuredly insists are not in any way “magic.”

Me and random Americans!

It’s me and random Americans! This mother and daughter were watching us from a nearby table when I invited them to join in. I’d brought some spare needles and wool along and the girl Megan immediately started doing a long-tail cast-on. We were all very impressed. I’m working on a baby blanket for my sister and I’m pleased to report that the colours were well-received by the group.

The goth contingent

Here’s Bec and the goth contingent. What, you didn’t know goths knitted?!

Helen and Sandra

Here’s Helen making friends with another American drop-in, Sandra. Sandra and her husband hung out with us for a while!