Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Okay, I've been keeping it hush-hush til now but I can remain silent no longer...

We're leaving London two weeks from today!

And while I'm mentally ready, I'm soooo physically not. That's why I'm taking the hard step of of saying: "I will not blog until all my chores are done for the day." So I'm gonna go now. I've got laundry to do and boxes to pack. Don't worry; I'll still be posting. But I'm such a procrastinator that I need to set myself some ground rules or we'll never be ready to go. Wish me luck, kids.

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Excellent, good luck.

When's your leaving do?

PS managed to download the EpII large trailer this morning, it rocks!! :-)
» martin [www] » 2001-11-06 16:33:43
We're thinking of having an ND do this Friday, as it'll be the Snook's last day. Probably at the Grove or somewhere close.

Yeah, the Snook grabbed it for me yesterday off Usenet. I wasn't blown out of my chair, but it looks good. At any rate, there's always Obi-Wan... :)
» Kris [www] » 2001-11-06 16:49:50
Congratulations to you both. Good luck with the packing.
» Angie [www] » 2001-11-06 18:35:00
Whooooo!!! Congrats bubby!!!
» anon [www] » 2001-11-06 21:08:38
Oh, how great! You must be excited! What's your route to Oz? If you stop off in Singapore, let me know :)
» Kristen [www] » 2001-11-07 01:07:39
Just hurry up and get here!!! We can't wait @(*O*)@
» Bev and Pup » 2001-11-07 06:44:07
We're actually going the other way around, Kristen. A week in Indiana with my folks for Thanksgiving, then a couple days in L.A., and then on to Sydney. It was cheaper that way. But hey, maybe we'll see you on a holiday!
» Kris [www] » 2001-11-07 09:44:42
And yay! My first comment from the Snooks! See you soon!
» Kris [www] » 2001-11-07 10:23:16
Congratulations on setting the date. Best of luck with all the packing.

» John [www] » 2001-11-07 12:35:43
Ah, well. Maybe next time. Have a very Happy Turkey Day. :)
» Kristen [www] » 2001-11-07 12:37:15
i know i shouldn't be reading 'blogs so close to the big day, but congrats, kris! i promise to blahblah more on monday... :)
» brigita [www] » 2001-11-09 03:40:28
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