July 11, 2004

1920's Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Snookums as Ernie ('Bet a Million') G. AmblerLast night we finally had our much-anticipated Murder Mystery Dinner Party. The theme was 1920's Chicago and the guests went all out on the costumes. The Snook, as you can see, was a dodgy millionaire gambler. (He also cooked us an excellent four course dinner.) It was an entertaining evening of alcohol, murder, sex, greed, bootlegging, crooked cops, and dangerous ladies. Nothing but good clean fun at the Chippendale Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club! Photos are available here. Thanks to all the guests!


Wow, everyone looked awesome - talk about going all out! I love those murder mystery parties.
» Niffler on July 12, 2004

That's so cool! Everyone looked great! I've always wanted to do a murder mystery party.
» John on July 12, 2004

Love the costumes! And the Snook looks great with a moustache - very 1920s :) Looks like you had a ball!
» moocher on July 12, 2004

Those photos are great, the costumes are amazing.
» Sidherian on July 13, 2004

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