December 21, 2005

Stupid Tourists

We just had an American tourist in the shop asking if our knitting patterns were in ENGLISH. The mind boggles. I told Heather she should have responded in made-up funny-talk. To paraphrase Eleanor Lavish, they really should make travellers pass a test at the airport.


Uh, what had she been listening to since she left the airport? Peter once had a tourist in the Botanical Gardens Shop asking if the books on Aus native plants were available in German! :)
» M-H on December 21, 2005

Nah, mate, they're in strine. "Cast on 50 stitches or thereabouts on whatever needles you can get at the local general store with some wool, mate, then knit till ya billy boils and increase a bit, knit more and cast off and bobs your uncle"
» Miss Helen on December 21, 2005

that's pretty funny. and scary.

mark and i are headed to 'stray-ya tomorrow. hooray! i would like to think that we would pass the traveler's test at the airport with flying colours. :o)
» Kristen on December 22, 2005

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