October 12, 2006


The Snook is considering participating in "Movember." It's an event to raise money for men's health issues. Participants start clean-shaven on November 1st, and then have the rest of the month to grow a mustache. Really, it's just an excuse for him to grow a big old shaggy 'tache and live out his Tombstone fantasy. (Me, I get to indulge in my secret fetish for guys with 70's facial hair: Jason "My Name is Earl" Lee, Sam "The Big Lebowski" Elliot, etc.) Let me know if anybody else wants to join him in this crusade!


Very tempted to shave the rest and grow a filthy Sanchez but I'm not going to be in the country to see and share the results.

I want to see photos!
» hank on October 12, 2006

He keeps saying that once you leave, he'll be free to wear the chin-strap. (I'm opposed; I associate it with the ND leprechaun.) There will definitely be photos...
» Kris on October 12, 2006

I'll be in!

Even though its three weeks of itching and scratching and general facial irritation.
» ADB on October 13, 2006

Sweet. We really need to get this event some national exposure. I LOVE the idea that I could be surrounded by mustached men for a whole month... :)
» Kris on October 14, 2006

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