Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Update: My knitting mojo has returned, I'm happy to say. My hands are aching with the effort of constructing the Cutest. Outfit. Ever. for my impending nephew. The Snook also took me to see Little Miss Sunshine, which I'd been hearing rave reviews about. To be honest I didn't laugh that much. I enjoyed it (way more than Kevin did, actually) but none of it struck me as knee-slappingly hilarious. (And whoever it was at Knitting Guild who said she cried? I did not get that at all.) I do think that Olive did a better version of that song than Bobby Flynn did.

And the other thing I did? I caught a cold. I feel like crap.

Man, LMS made me laugh like crazy. The horn honking scence? Hilarity! Maybe I'm just easily amused...

feel better soon :)
» eileen [www] » 2006-10-25 11:48:46
Maybe I was suffering from the pre-cold blahs... :)
» Kris [www] » 2006-10-25 14:12:28
scence = scene

» eileen [www] » 2006-10-26 01:11:44
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