Nick is gone!UK Survivor: You know, for the past year I’ve been following Survivor through the sites of rabid American fans without ever experiencing it for myself. Last night all that changed, and all I can say is WOW. I’m hooked!
Some thoughts from the first episode:

  • Much like Big Brother, the UK version seems to be aiming for a slightly more high-brow approach than the US show. They’re making it out like more of an anthropological experiment than a reality show cheese fest. Nearly all of the contestants were over 30, and there was only one cutesy twenty-something hoochie-mama (“Charlotte”, who took a game of friggin’ TWISTER as her luxury item). There were several over 40, and nobody had that “token-old-person” look about them. In fact, the older people looked like the toughest.
  • They’re shooting it on Pulau Tiga, which I believe is the island they used on the first US series. The Tribal Council hut certainly looks like it’s been there a while. I have a feeling that they’re probably going to recycle a lot of the challenges as well. (They’re already advertising the bug-eating one for next week.) In a way it’s good though, because at least the producers know what to expect.
  • I also think that the UK competitors have studied up the American show. One guy on Ular, Nick, was like the spiritual son of Richard Hatch. He took command right away, designing the shelter and teaching people how to make fire. He even admitted that he was basing his strategy on the book “How to Make Friends and Influence People.” He broached an alliance on the second day, teaming up with Mick (this crusty old guy), Richard (a young guy), and Zoe (a tough chick). As Zoe put it, “I wasn’t going to be the one to instigate an alliance but I sure as hell was going to join it if I felt it was strong enough and I do.” As their tribe, Ular (which means “snake”), lost the first Immunity Challenge, they decided to vote off Jackie, who was pulling a Ramona and being sick all the time.
  • BUT WAIT! In a stunning upset, Zoe double-crossed Nick and voted for him along with the remaining four people. With 5 votes to 3, Nick was out! The favorite is gone. I couldn’t believe it. As Snookums pointed out though, “He built the shelter… Now he’s outlived his usefulness. He was too dangerous.” They showed Zoe’s vote at the end of the show, and her only comment was: “Sorry mate, you took a little too much too early. You were weaving quite a tangled web. Don’t trust anybody.”
  • Funniest moment: Uzma running around in the dark yelling for people to help her find the “Kerolene” for the fire. What an idiot.

P.S. I completely ripped off Max‘s idea of posting the crossed-out picture of this week’s departing contestant. Visit his site for all your US Survivor needs. 🙂