RunningBlog: Week 34

Week 34
A bit tired and sore this week. I’m also feeling a little depressed about my lack of speed, especially when CERTAIN PEOPLE have already massively surpassed me after just a few months’ training. (*cough* Snook. *cough*) But I continue to plug away, turtle that I am. Sunday we did a 9:45 Magic Mile around Victoria Park and then jogged a bit through Newtown to hit four miles. Monday I went to Spudds after work. Tuesday I did a lunchtime run around the Botanic Gardens by myself. Wednesday I went to Spudds again. Lastly, today I did a lunchtime run with Raj.

Aug. 21: 6.68km
Aug. 23: 5.92km
Aug. 26: 5.91km
Total this week: 18.51km (11.5mi)
Total in 2011: 785.47km (490.9mi)

To meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 784.6km. I am ahead… but only JUST. I’m just not racking up the miles the way I was on my marathon training! Staying focused to hit my goal for the end of the year is going to be a challenge.


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  1. Great work! I can empathize with your frustration – I was a faster runner than Jeff until he actually started running more and doing speedwork this year, and now he’s faster (as he should be, really, considering that he’s taller, thinner, male, etc.). But still frustrating!

    Hang in there; you’re making terrific progress!

  2. Who cares that the Mr runs faster YOU RAN A MARATHON this year.

  3. I know that feeling – my husband sometimes comes with me on my runs and always lopes off ahead into the distance. I feel I’m doing the the baby elephant walk.
    You totally ran a marathon. In the pouring rain. You’re hardcore.

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