Does anybody have experience returning defective shoes to Amazon? I ordered another pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 14s back in July and they got here in August. I haven’t worn them much due to injuries and illness in the past weeks. I noticed recently though that the right shoe makes a loud squeaking noise whenever I land on the heel (more noticeable when walking). It’s like some air pocket is being compressed and popping/squeaking. The left shoe doesn’t do it, and the older pair I bought back in March don’t do it either. I can’t actually say for sure whether they’ve done it from the start or whether it developed in the past few weeks. I haven’t actually worn them that much; I’d estimate less than 30km. So what to do?

Looking at Amazon’s Return Policy, I think I’m out of luck as I’m outside the 30-day return window and I don’t have the original packaging anymore. I’ve just emailed both Amazon and Mizuno Australia to see if they can help. Right now I’m reluctant to train or race in those shoes if there’s a chance there’s something wrong with them. (Also, the squeaking noise is kind of annoying and embarrassing.) Any other ideas? I can’t see anything that’s making the noise, so I don’t think fixing it is possible. I really don’t want to chuck these if I can avoid it…

Update: Holy crap, that was fast! Amazon just replied to tell me to go ahead and send them back and they’ll refund them. That’s fantastic service right there.

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