Weeks 35-37
I’ve been a bit slack about updating my distance numbers lately, mostly because they’ve been so disappointing. I ended August with a week’s vacation, and while I got a lot done, I didn’t do much running. Then on August 4th, we went for our last long run of HM training: 20km. And 10km into it, I rolled my left ankle AGAIN. This was the third time in two months, and it hurt a lot. I managed to finish the run, but I ended up resting it the whole next week. I’ve only done two runs since then: an 8km with the Snook, and a 5km on my own today. I’ve been making an effort to get in some walking though, which was helped with the stiffness. I really have no idea how Sunday’s Half-Marathon is going to go…

Aug. 31: 6.02km
Sep. 4: 20.52km
Sep. 11: 8.16km
Sep. 16: 5.10km
Total for these three weeks: 39.8km (24.8mi)
Total in 2011: 825.27km (515.8mi)

My goal of running 1200km in 2011 looks like it’s slipping away from me. I should be at 854km right now, so I’m officially behind the pace. Going to be a challenging Spring, I can tell!