Hooray! Mac OS X is here! But I’m confused. I can’t just use Software Update to get it? Where can UK users get the upgrade??

Update: For you UK Mac people, I just called Micro Anvika (pretty much the big Mac retailer over here) and the woman said that they don’t have the upgrade and she has no information on when or if they will be getting it. And since the mail-in form on the Apple site is only for US customers, as of now we’re out of luck. This is gonna piss me off.

Update #2: I discovered that the UK Apple Store has the full version of OSX 10.1 available, but not the upgrade version. So I called them up on their free number 0800-039-1010 to ask about it. The lady informed me that the upgrade is available through them for £16, and I could order it right then. Which I did! I should have it within a week. Happy ending!