Santa Claus

In case Santa is reading, these are my dream boots. Thanks.

Update: Cancel that, Santa. I just ordered them off Amazon. 🙂


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  1. you mad bikker chick you

  2. you mad bikker chick you

  3. Oh wow, I had a fabulous pair of Black biker boots when I was at uni. I wore them until they died. Well actually, my mum threw them out…I was furious. They looked just like those. God I LOVED them. Now I want them too. 7.5 in Black. Only one pair left. oh noooooooooos

  4. just buy the, I bough perfect pair of black boots a few years ago and I wear the hell out of them

  5. Target has a $50 version of these that I bought two years ago after reading rave reviews online. They are still my favorite shoes in my closet. LOVE them. (I can’t get a link to work, but they call them “leather engineer boots” for searching purposes).

  6. Zappos don’t ship to Australia. Story of my frickin’ life.

  7. Holy crap. Amazon have them, and they’re only $175, and they ship here.


  8. I had a pair of these when I was young(er) and had horses. Nice.

  9. Amazon is fast becoming may shoes saviour….

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