Happy Frocktober!
I only heard about Frocktober right at the start of October. It’s basically a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. I figured, what the hell! I’ll see how many days I can wear skirts or dresses this month. So I sent in a donation to the campaign and started gettin’ mah legs out. Folks, I have worn a skirt FIFTEEN days so far this month! And I’ve only been wearing each item once, so that’s how many skirts and dresses I have in my closet. (There are only a couple left.) WHO KNEW? Those of you on Facebook and Twitter have been seeing the photos each day, but I’ll be doing a roundup at the end of the week of all the outfits. This is definitely something I think I’ll be officially doing next year, along with some proper fundraising. In the meantime, go donate!