This article about Niki Taylor’s accident is confusing. It says she’s in critical condition, then flashbacks to the accident and reports that she wasn’t thrown from the car and everybody thought she was unhurt. But it never mentions how she went from “stomach pains” to “critical condition.” There’s just this odd hole in the story where you feel like it should go.
My first SassyYou’re probably wondering why I even care about some injured supermodel. It’s quite simple, really. Niki Taylor reminds me of the Golden Age of “Sassy.” Yes, “Sassy” Magazine. I seem to remember them doing a story about the death of her sister and that’s when I became aware of her. I was a devoted reader for many years, back when it was cool and intelligent and every article wasn’t about boys or clothes. Unfortunately as we faithful subscribers know, in 1994 “Sassy” was taken over by the pod people of Petersen Publications, who turned it into yet another YM/Seventeen/Tiger Beat clone. If you too mourn the old “Sassy”, you’re in luck. I managed to find a wonderful memorial page with links about the takeover and why the old version was so cool, an exhaustive “Sassy” archive with loads of old stories, and, the personal site of old-school “Sassy” writer Marjorie Ingall.
(Could I have used “sassy” one more time? It reminds me of that old skit on “Saturday Night Live” where Phil Hartman played the magazine’s senior editor and would say everything was “sassy-licious”. You can hear some of these sound clips here. Remember when he interviewed Christian Slater as the “Sassiest Guy in America”?)
Boy, I’m really going off on some tangents today.