RunningBlog: Week 52

Week 52
Another year has come and gone! As you’ll recall, last year I pulled out all the stops to hit my goal of 1000km. This year I was aiming for 1100km, and for the first half of the year I was on track to surpass that by far. Unfortunately the second half of the year was a different story. I suffered a couple injuries (rolling my left ankle repeatedly) and then I got sidelined by a virus and cough for several weeks. It sucks that I didn’t quite get to 1100, but I’m pretty proud regardless. The final numbers:

Dec. 26: 8.86km
Dec. 28: 6.86km
Dec. 30: 8.02km (cycling)
Dec. 31: 5.16km
Total this week: 20.88km (13.05mi)
Total in 2011: 1043.77km (652mi) – 4% increase from 2010

Goals for 2012: I’m now training in earnest for the July 1 Gold Coast Marathon. I’d love to be able to finish it in 5:30. I’d also like to run the Blackmore’s Half-Marathon next September and finish it in under 2:30. I’d like to start my podcast up again. (Anybody want to contribute or co-host?) And I’d like to comment more on DailyMile and Fitocracy to thank everyone who’s given me such encouragement this year.

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  1. Happy to contribute to the podcast depending on what you’re after. I’ve enjoyed your updates throughout the year and this year I’m doing my own 1000km challenge with a few friends. Did you use software to track yours on or anyone else’s totals throughout the year?

  2. Any idea how I can get an invite to Fitocracy? I submitted a request months and months ago but I haven’t got one yet.

  3. I use RunKeeper to track my runs, and then each week I just manually total it up.

    I didn’t realise Fitocracy was still closed. I got in via an invite code from Metafilter. It appears I have ten invites myself to give out, so I just sent you one! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the invite. I’ll keep an eye out for you on there.

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