2011 Knitting Round-Up
As you can see, my main output this year was socks. I don’t think there were very many of us who worked all the way through the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club. But you know me – my favourite thing is to set a long term goal and then plod along doggedly after it. I think I’ll slow down on socks though and perhaps aim to make myself some real garments this year. I think the Snook might need another cardigan as well…

2011 Knitting

1. Boyfriend Socks, 2. Nanners Socks, 3. Fox Faces Socks, 4. Leyburn Socks, 5. Purple Ripple Afghan, 6. Nutkin Socks, 7. DailyMile Mitts, 8. Snook’s Hipster Cardy, 9. Eyelet Yoke Cardigan, 10. February Lady Sweater (Dyed), 11. Shur’tugal Socks