New Year’s Eve 2011
The Snook and I were invited to spend New Year’s Eve at Josh and Jamie’s house at Blue’s Point. They’ve got a great view of the Bridge from their balcony. I even got a new frock for the occasion! We had to get there quite early as they close off the whole Point once it gets crowded. (And it gets very crowded.) We killed some time messing about by the pool. There was a lot of drinking. At some point, the Americans (me, Jamie, and Josh) taught everybody else to play Flip Cup. (Incidentally, the animated gif on that page is probably the Best One on Wikipedia.) By 9pm Blues Point was totally packed. We headed upstairs to Thierry’s apartment to have the best view of the family fireworks. We could see both the Bridge and the Darling Harbour fireworks. I jumped on a giant bean bag. We danced. At some point, the champagne came out and it was time for the big show. Happy New Year!

Josh posted these photos of us on Facebook today and they CRACK ME UP. Such a fun night (notwithstanding the hangover the next day). Thanks, Jamie and Josh!

Group shot

Playing Flip Cup


Who you looking at?