Random. A guy I graduated high school with just e-mailed me up out of the blue to say hi. He’d been browsing and found my site after searching on our school. Hi, Jer!

So anyway, I went to Google to try to reproduce his search to see if anybody else is on-line. In the middle of my results I came across this link, which is a list of all the high schools in Indiana and their nicknames. There are some weird names on there. Like, the nickname for the Indiana School for the Deaf is “Deaf Hoosiers”. WHAT? How about the New Harmony “Rappites”. What the hell is a rappite? And hello? The Indianapolis Northwest “Space Pioneers”? I’m also glad that I was never a River City “Ingot”. (Isn’t that a lump of metal?) And what about the Shoals “Jug Rox”? That’s not even a real word! Compared to those, Lakeland “Lakers” is a lot less embarrassing than I thought.