“I was crippled by Impostor Syndrome”: One woman’s story

“I was crippled by Impostor Syndrome”: One woman’s story – If you want to understand me, you should read this. I’m not as bad as this lady, but I identify strongly with what she’s saying – especially as regards my career in IT. I always undervalue the things I’m good at and tend to disbelieve compliments when I get them. And sometimes it doesn’t help living with someone who is very clever himself. My saving grace is that there’s still a small part of my brain – maybe 15% – that is completely egotistical and thinks I’m awesome at everything. If I just listened to that part more often, I’d be unstoppable.

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  1. Oh wow so thats what its called. I thought it was just my insecurity. I’m not that bad either but I do fear the day my boss realises I know nothing.

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