This is scary. To me, the Chicago skyline is much more personally significant than the New York one.


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  1. You know what is odd? I keep hearing little snippets of that info on the news, but then they don’t tell you anything else… I mean, who are these people? Why were they going to do that? Who are they associated with, etc? It is scary, b/c hey- I’m here in Chi, and I almost took my family to an observation deck this weekend. You know?

  2. To be blunt. The weekend is probably the safest time as there will be virtually no office workers there.

    The other week I met some friends on a Sat night in a bar called 101 (in London). It was a bit quiet then someone raised the point that it was under Centrepoint, one of the tallest buildings outside the financial districts and also at the end of Oxford st (major shop zone). Then we realised that it would be mostly empty and wouldn’t really be worth the hassle. Then again we’re not nutters……

  3. TD – Be safe. I love you guys.

    Martin – You’re freaking me out! 🙂 (I’ve been to that bar though. Lovely cocktails. A bit pricy.)

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