Everybody’s talking about the big Eastenders shocker tonight. I don’t get why they keep calling it an “incest” storyline though. *Spoiler alert for UK fans!* It’s about a family of five sisters, where the youngest one is actually the eldest one’s daughter. She was too young to raise a child, so the family covered it up and the parents raised her as their own. But unless the father is somehow related to them, I really don’t see how it qualifies as “incest.” It’s not a friggin’ V.C. Andrews story.

Update: It is a V.C. Andrews story. Read the comments at your own risk. (Bigtime spoilers.)


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  1. The father is their bloody uncle you ninny! I believe that qualifies…

  2. Eh? I thought you said you didn’t get it?

  3. Uncle Harry is the father? NO WAY! I didn’t hear that. How do you know that? I haven’t read that anywhere.

    Ewww. And Uncle Harry’s been dating Peggy, right? So if he marries her… that means Zoe would be Phil Mitchell’s sister.


  4. I prefer to think of him as “Fat Boon”.

  5. I’m reading some crazy shit in the Eastenders newsgroup

  6. Harry marrying Peggy…… and then Zoe would be related to that skinny minnie with the floppy fringe.. that boy she lusts after… Jamie.

    I have to say that Uncle Harry has given me the creeps for ages, so I can’t wait to see him ‘get it’ when the rest of the family find out. Gripping plot for once, better than the gun ones. Nothing better than seeing a woman scorned get revenge.

  7. Call me a snob, but all those dropped ‘H’s and use of the word ‘Fing’ for ‘Thing’ had me more grief stricken than the plot line…And that acting?

    Puh-lease, more ham than a pig factory.


  8. You should be a TV reviewer. Seriously, that was as scathing as anything I’ve read in a while. đŸ™‚

    Unfortunately I missed the episode, as Condie was busy watching some 3-hour Peter Greenaway transexual film. I read the update on the BBC site this morning though. I thought it looked fantastic… in a soap-opera kinda way.

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