‘Bizarro World’ – The Boston Globe

‘Bizarro World’ – The Boston Globe – A fun article about video game records, and how a random lady discovers that she’s the best Tetris player in the world. You know, I used to be pretty damn good at Tetris myself. This makes me want to play again… (Link courtesy of John.)


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  1. King of Kong, the documentary referenced in the article is *awesome*. At first you think it’s just a bunch of weirdos obsessed with arcade games, but it’s so well done it’s engrossing. highly recommended.

  2. We saw it when it previewed a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

  3. I wonder if the colour version has a higher record because just because it’s played more, or whether the extra visual cue you get from the different shapes having different colours makes it that much easier to play at high speed.

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