Kitchen Update

Kitchen Update: You’d think I’d know from watching all those episodes of Grand Designs that renovations never go as fast as you think they well. This process is just GLACIAL. We had the “Check Measure” guy out to do detailed measurements of our kitchen a few weeks ago. He then took those away to make an exact plan. (Apparently the previous one was too vague, and they have to be certain everything will fit before they can build the cabinets.) Then we had to approve all those plans. Now we’re waiting for the actual project plan that will tell us when everything is finally going to happen.

We’ve been crossing some things off the To Do list though. We managed to pick out, purchase, and pick up the tiles for the floor. (Full-bodied porcelain tiles in black and white are surprisingly hard to find! I guess more people want their kitchens to look like Roman villas than 50’s diners.) We also got the builder out to give us a quote on extending one wall. And last weekend, we got our appliances delivered from Harvey Norman. We were going to wait until right before construction, but what the hell! I’d rather start using my massive new fridge right now.

Old and busted

Old fridge

New hotness

New fridge

Yep, the new fridge is set up in the dining room. It won’t actually fit in the old space in the kitchen til we tear stuff out, so that was always going to be the case. The refrigerator compartment is a bit bigger, but the freezer is HELLA bigger. More than double. We are giddy with the possibilities. (The first thing we did after we plugged it in was ride to Establishment 218 and buy $150 worth of meat.) The new microwave has also been put to work early. However the faucet, dishwasher, and rangehood are still sitting boxed up in the corner, and will be for the foreseeable future. COME ON, HARVEY NORMAN. LET’S DO THIS.


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  1. I love that you have already plastered the new shiny, metallic, modern, trendy fridge with your fridge magnets. I love magnets so much 🙂

  2. Uncanny parallelism: our ancient white fridge is on the curb, our large new stainless has arrived and is set up… in the dining room! Will tweet remodel photos as our kitchen progresses.

  3. It’s always safe to add at least 50% more time to the finished date – sorry – we’ve had several experiences of run-overs – strangely, the only one that didn’t was a kitchen remodel!

    Good luck – it will be worth the wait.

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