What Australians Eat

What Australians Eat – This is pretty shocking stuff (to this caveperson, anyway). As the Snook put it, “The average australian eats 2kg broccoli in a year. I think we eat that in a month.” I was also depressed by this: “When we cook, a Westfield survey found more than half Australians rotate between a repertoire of five meals or fewer.” No wonder bread, junk food, and fries are so popular.


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  1. Man, 2kg a year?! And 30g of asparagus?! We get through that much veg in a month too (well, that much asparagus in one sitting). I *would* eat chips every day if I didn’t care about my weight and didn’t care about having constant indigestion. But I don’t like being obese, and I don’t like having constant gastric reflux, so I eat well. Amazing that other people put up with all that just so they can eat chips all the time.

  2. We are always trying new reecipes – from the weekend papers or from online sources. We use the paprika app for online sources, or we put the successful ones in a box to be re-used. Plus we have a shelf of cookbooks that we puruse fromn time to time and mark for new ideas. I would get bored if I ate the same five things all the time.

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