Cycling Stuff: Just because I can’t ride* right now, doesn’t mean I can’t still think about it, right? The Snook and I have just become members of Bicycle NSW. In addition to being a great organisation dedicated to promoting cycling, it also provides public liability and personal accident insurance to its members. If you want to be a responsible bike rider, you should have insurance.

I’m also thinking about two upcoming events I’d like to attend. First is Rolling with Clover, a group bike ride/protest through the CBD next Sunday in support of the Lord Mayor. We’re meant to dress up in something fancy. (You know, because only dirty hippies ride bikes and not big important capitalists or whatever.) The other event is the Ride 2 Riverstone, a fundraiser ride that takes place in Western Sydney. Maybe I could do the short one – the 35km – by May? That could be fun.

* Following an ultrasound last week, I’ve finally got a diagnosis: quadriceps tendinosis. The immediate prescription, as ever, is REST. And this time no cycling either. I’ve got a physio appointment lined up for Wednesday, and I’m using the foam roller on my quads. But I miss my bike already… 🙁