Buy Our Stuff!
Since our house is already chaos due to the kitchen renovation, the Snook and I decided we might as well upgrade some of the furniture as well. As a consequence, we’re having a garage sale next weekend! Saturday, May 5th is the big Sydney “Garage Sale Trail” event and we’re taking part. If you’re near Chippendale on the day, swing by! In addition to the furniture, we’ll also have knitting wool, VHS tapes, and some computer bits for sale.

If you think you might want some of the furniture NOW, we’ve actually put them up on Gumtree as well: couch, TV stand, and “cat automation system”. (That’s a LitterMaid plus an automatic feeder. The Snook wrote the ad and it CRACKS ME UP.)

For the knitters, I’ve also posted a few books and things over in the Ravelry Destash thread