That bug seems to be still firmly lodged up Ebert’s ass. This week he rips on John Cusack’s new film.

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  1. he has been a bit of a grump lately, but i have to say that the review was enough to turn me off. tho the last line of the review was pretty damn funny.

    saw Greenfingers at the local art-house theater my first night in the new town. damn that Clive Owen is a hottie! i’m going back to right now. 😉

  2. i didn’t even click on your link. fuck roger ebert. why’s he gotta diss john cusack, like, EVER?! really, i don’t care what issues ol’ eeb is harboring. you don’t mess with my man john… i mean, really.

  3. (Well… that movie *does* sound kinda stupid…)

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