The Lord and Lady of DubliniaDublin photos are up!
Highlights include a trip to the Guinness Brewery, a Viking tour in a World War II-era amphibious vehicle, a random celebrity encounter, and some Bad Asses. Or something.


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  1. Love the pics! Man, you guys really jammed in the fun- that was a lot of stuff to do in just one weekend. Nice work. need a vacation from your vacation? 😉

  2. Seriously. I’m fallin’ asleep at my desk. *snore* 🙂

  3. color me deep-deep green with envy. i only wish i had been more mature to appreciate my tour of the brewery at sixteen…

    that just means i have to go back!

  4. GAH! i’ve been to the bad ass café! so tuf…

  5. No way! I liked the zippy system that sent the drink orders down wires to the bar. I was entranced by it.

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