I know Jann was looking at alternative blogging systems, so he might be interested to know that a new one called Movable Type has just launched. The response to it so far seems to be pretty good.


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  1. I’ve got my comments up and running!
    VERY basic at the moment but I’ll be remedying that over the next few days/weeks. (I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time).
    This does of course mean I’ll have to build my own blogging system now…bugger!

  2. I sort of have a blogging system using ASP/XML. I just have to update the XML file manually at the moment as I haven’t had the time to figure out exactly how to add a full node to it. Getting there slowly though.

    I I design right I may be able to extend it all to a full blown content management jobby. Yay!

  3. Does anyone know how to implement a blog comment system using perl? My free Win9x web server (Savant) only supports cgi scripts. Even if it took some fairly significant hacking I would appreciate any help 🙂

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