Forget that whole robot quiz… What enquiring minds want to know is, how good in bed are you? This site purports to tell you what somebody’s like in bed based on what they’re like out of it. It’s sorta like those quizzes that guess whether you’re gay/straight or male/female. The more people that take it, the better they get. You’re supposed to feed it details of somebody you’re interested in, but instead I pretended to be a guy appraising myself. My rating was a disappointing 3 out of 5 balls. But maybe I was being too harsh on myself… (P.S. Hi Dad!)


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  1. Hmmm I got myself a 3 🙁 and it definately got location location location very wrong!!! So what does that say about the score…….

  2. Yeah, mine had location wrong too. I think there should be a special category for I.T. people. We’re sedentary, sure, but that doesn’t mean we’re not exciting! 🙂

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