Job tips from The Onion. Just what I need. I especially like this one: “Post your résumé online. This will give it an air of authority and legitimacy that only the Internet can confer.” D’oh!


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  1. Yep. I giggled like a 6 year old girl over that one. In a marginally related vein, I wonder how many employers that advertise for SysAdmins with 5+ years w/ Windows2000 are doing in their search? Are they prepared to wait a few years for people to catch up with their bleeding edge IT needs?

  2. Don’t want to be the (further) harbinger of doom but, it seems a more complete perl based system can be found (check the discussion boards here. I found this to be no end of encouragement/help!.

  3. Sorry, I’m as drunk as a monkey. Use your cleverness etc to find what I’m banging on about and don’t blasmne me if you fgind yaself in a hotbed of PRON!

    AAARRRGGGHH!!! I am absolutely wankered.

    The end…

  4. You just have to rub it in, don’t you? 🙂 I’m looking forward to my first paycheck from the new job so I can get properly bent.

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