Hey, Martin! I just visited your site from home and got this lovely message: “Hi. I see you are using Netscape Navigator 4.x. It’s a bit pants. How about upgrading to something that works?” Which is a lovely sentiment and all… except I’m not using Netscape. There are more than two flavors in the world, kids. Hooray for choice!

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  1. Oops I put that there in a pique of annoyance at NN4s general crappness for doing anything right. I had a “bad feeling” at the time that it might not just be Netscape users that saw it, but thought “sod it” then promptly forgot I put it there.

    Though it does mean that your browser is pretending to be Mozilla/4…….

  2. Actually my browser can pretend to be anything I want it to be… 🙂

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