A few more quick links about the football player story:

  • He claims he didn’t do it, but he accepted the punishment because “life’s too short to spend time fighting.” Yeah, riiiiight. He also claims that her accusation might have been racially motivated. “I was a young, black freshman four years ago, accused of a horrible act by a white woman.” I’m not gonna dignify that with a response.
  • An editorial urging the team to “Win one for Kori!”
  • A letter to the editor urging the school to uphold the ban. “I hope and pray that the administration of Notre Dame values their principles, their promises and their integrity more than they value a football game.”
  • Another letter from an important-sounding alumnus.
  • An article that says as of Thursday, West Virginia was still planning in bringing him to campus. It also includes the full text of his statement about the whole thing.
  • The next day, WV changed their mind. Apparently Notre Dame faxed them a letter saying if he stepped foot on campus he’d be arrested.

So overall I’m really happy with the way my school handled this. They dragged their feet a bit, but eventually common sense prevailed.

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  1. wow. i haven’t read most of the articles to which you’ve linked, but i’m glad to hear that ND was on top of things. it’s a bit of a relief, really. 🙂

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