Apologies for the outage today. No clue what caused it.


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  1. just glad to have you back!

  2. Awww, thanks! Although I feel like my contribution to the world of blogging is dwindling fast… I gotta get inspired. I think it’s my chair. I hate my desk chair at home and it’s not conducive to long periods of surfing. Time to move the iMac, methinks…

  3. Get an iBook and sit on the sofa!!! 🙂

  4. I’m seriously considering it. That redundancy package is burning a hole in my pocket… 🙂

    (No Kris! Must be frugal! Must… be… frugal… )

  5. Sell the iMac use the proceeds to go towards buying the iBook (or that new sparkly titanium thingy) then it won’t take up much of the “freedom” money. You could get a firewire prot thingy too!

    Have you thought about freelancing? I’m sure there must be a fair amount of short-term web work out there.

  6. Except that technically I’m not allowed to work here. Visa was sponsored by Netdecisions so once I’m done with them that’s it.

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